Ghostbusters Reboot Remedy (Part 1 of 5)


Welcome to Brutal Geeks “5 things you can doto get over the reboot of the Ghostbusters” This list is dedicated to the fans such as myself already knowing the new Ghostbusters will not go well to the fellow fans. Let the healing begin.


Starting at number 1  is the Ghostbusters: The Video Game available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, Wii and Playstation 2. There are two different versions “Realistic” or “Stylized”. The Stylized had a different thing altogether and the realistic and considered canon. So from now Ill talk about the realistic version.

You play as a new recruit only known as “The Rookie”. You were hired to test out prototype equipment while going on calls with the team. It’s a third person shooter that easily reminds me of games like Dead Space and Resident Evil 4.


The original cast members from the films were involved in the game’s production. Voices for the Ghostbusters were actually from their original actors Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and of course Harold Ramis ( Rest In Peace) but also Annie Potts as Janine. Not only can you hear their voices but also their appearance as well as they also modeled for the game.


The equipment you are testing out is a multi purpose proton pack. This has 4 different functions that are  unlocked as you progress. Each unlocked ability adds to your busting arsenal as some are weak against certain type of proton mode or can make it slightly easier. So there’s a bit of tactic going on here. Your stuff including your Ghost trap can be upgraded by spending in game money to make them more proficient.


Not only are you experimenting with a special proton pack. You will also be using the PKE meter to find where entities are hiding as well as looking for collectibles known as cursed artifacts you will find throughout the levels and can decorate and interact with back at the fire house. The PK goggles are used for obtaining data on enemies to complete your Digital Tobin’s Spirit guide much like Metroid Prime had to scan data to learn about them.


You are also able to explore the iconic firehouse you may do so between story modes. Any cursed artifacts you have obtained will be somewhere in the firehouse you can interact with. Slimer is even there as well in a containment tank in the main area.


The game’s story takes place two years after Ghostbusters 2 movie around Thanksgiving 1991. And something is going on when the new Gozer exhibit is being presented at the museum. You will travel to a few familiar and unfamiliar locations with the crew busting heads, in a spiritual sense of course. Dan Arkroyd has mentioned in an interview about the game is that “this is essentially the third movie if a third movie is never made”, so if you want to experience the lore and itching for a non reboot entry, here you go.

So there you have it, first dose to cure the fanboy/girls in all of us, but I’m not done yet, stay tuned next time for part 2.


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