Brutal Geek’s Rant Review: (March 2016)Lootcrate

Before I begin, I want to make it known that I am not paid in anyway from this company. My opinions about the products are my own and should not be held as fact as people have different interpretations on their opinions. Let’s begin.

For those who are not aware, Lootcrate is a subscription box service that is a mystery box you pay a monthly fee for and wait to see what’s inside of it when you receive it (or cheat by looking at other people get theirs first). They tell you what the theme is and mention what franchises will be included for that month’s crate.

This month’s crate theme was VERSUS

So what did I get?


Exclusive Versus Loot Pin  (just the alienvspredator part is the pin, it’s on paper)

This pin shows off Alien Vs Predator, which I am pretty fine with. It’s also nice that they do cloisonne pins now then the boring generic type of pins.n Apparently there was a chance to get a golden looking one, but I’m fine with the normal one.

The pins are also used for digital goodies, this month domestic looters get a free rental from VUDU and the international Looters get a free digital issue of Aliens Vs Predator from comixology. Definitely going to watch something later.



I also received a Star Trek shirt with Spock facing off against Evil Spock. I’m a novice Star Trek fan so I do enjoy the shirt. I just don’t like that it’s white since white stains so easily and changes colors when used in the wash.


On the DC comics side I got an Exclusive  Batman vs Superman Mighty Wallet. If you don’t know what a Mighty Wallet is, it’s a wallet that’s made out of a material called Tyvek that makes it super tough despite feeling and weighing like normal paper. I think it’s an alright thing to get but I’ll stick to my leather wallet thank you.

This next one is pretty nice, Exclusive Daredevil/Punisher reversal beanie. It’s extremely soft and it’s reversible. My only gripe about it is that I’m getting a warm beanie in the Spring.



Also from DC Comics we got an exclusive Harley Quinn comic book. It’s a physical comic book with a special loot crate cover variant on the front and the issue itself was made just for loot crate.The story is about Harley finding a genie bottle at the bottom of the sea. I honestly don’t get why Harley is in this month’s box, I would of rather of gotten something else from Batman vs Superman or another vs pair.


Last and certainly not least, subscribers had a chance to obtaining 1 of 2 exclusive Alien or Predator variants from the collectible Titan vinyl figures. I got Alien with markings on it’s head from the Predator’s net weapon. Now  I’m off to ebay to see if I can get the other one.

So, there you have it. Jealous? Annoyed? Curious?…Aroused? If you’re curious about getting Lootcrate for next month, I have a code to save you a few dollars (and helps me as well) by clicking here to save some money



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