Ghostbusters Reboot Remedy (Part 3 of 5)


Welcome to Brutal Geeks “5 things you can do to get over the reboot of the Ghostbusters” This list is dedicated to the fans such as myself already knowing the new Ghostbusters will not go well to the fellow fans. Let the healing process continue with part 3!

I’ve talked about the supposed sequel to the movies and the legacy of the comic book series…We now get  Ghostbusters: The Board Game!  This game was released recently and was funded by kickstarter. It allows up to 1-4 people to play this. The characters are represented by the same person who has done the artwork for the comic series, even the instructions was drawn to look like the comic series.


The kickstarter also had the characters exclusive from the comic series as pieces as well. The object of the game is to, well, you know what the objective is. The game comes with tiles and flexibility so no 2 games are ever the same.The rules are also pretty friendly so people can learn how to play within a few minutes.

The objective is obvious: trap the ghosts coming through the portals and seal the portals up before things get worse for you and your team mates. Your team each have their own abilities they can do while leveling up. If you ever played a tile board game before this shouldn’t surprise you how simple it is. Each ghost type has their own stats and abilities in their respective cards. The move on their own by a dice roll and even behave differently depending if they’re being attacked or just moving.

The best thing about this is that you could even make your own ghosts and just copy info about the other ghost cards for more of a challenge. The only real drawback it has is their kickstarter exclusive parts.

This is what you get in a normal game:


This was what you got for funding it through kickstarter:9074eb849e17d7cbc7bb7182fe659d46_original

And THIS is for funding it on kickstarter and ordered the more expensive version (things above are included in this as well)



The developers (Cryptozoic Entertainment) has stated they will not re-release the parts that were kickstarter only which has fans really annoyed that most of the core villains and side characters are “locked out” from someone who wants all the pieces. They did however announce they will do expansions in the future.

The retail price for the game you find online and at your local table top game store goes around $80 US Currency, (the retail versions all come with a glow in the dark slimer figure). Anything that looks expensive online was more than likely the kickstarter pieces.

As a person who got the special edition version and have played it several times I can say it was well worth the money and is completely open for custom rules.

Hope you all are recovering well. Til next time!


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