Ghostbusters Reboot Remedy (Part 4 of 5)

Welcome to Brutal Geeks “5 things you can do to get over the reboot of the Ghostbusters” This list is dedicated to the fans such as myself already knowing the new Ghostbusters will not go well to the fellow fans. Let the healing process continue with part 4.

Last time we went over the board game, before that we went over the comics and even before that we went over the video game. Judging by what I said it seems like there’s not much more to look forward to, but you would be wrong.

This time I want to talk about merchandise. Before you get worried with saying “The new movie is going to have all merchandise how does this help me?” First of all, there’s barely anything for the movie coming out in comparison to the classic films besides a few figures. All this will be available by the end of the year and that’s not even everything I saved!

This is all announced items based on the classic series,notice how there is no sign of Paul Feig anywhere? This is for us, the real fans who have supported with love and lots of money.

Slime Twinkies? THE RETURN OF ECTO COOLER?! You better save up those dollars because you’re about to take a trip down memory lane.

There is plenty of things for us out there, don’t let the reboot get you down. We still have one last step to accomplish to make your reboot blues no more, but that’s for another day!


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