Ghostbusters Reboot Remedy (Part 5 of 5)


Welcome to Brutal Geeks “5 things you can do to get over the reboot of the Ghostbusters” This list is dedicated to the fans such as myself already knowing the new Ghostbusters will not go well to the fellow fans. We end the healing process today with the most challenging  step: Acceptance.

Regardless if you like it or not, it’s going to be released in July. Despite fans outcry, they have been ignored. The trailer was terrible, a lot are not convinced it can be good enough to even hold up to the original movie. Dark days as a fan is upon us, and there is nothing you can do


But that does not mean some positives did not come with it, we are seeing a surge of Ghostbusters products and merchandise being made. It was our love and devotion to make it this far, you don’t see a lot of movies celebrating their own anniversaries. Ghostbusters was special, different and entertaining.

The new movie is not “ruining your childhood”, I absolutely hate this saying. Despite how you feel about the movie, it’s not like it has the power to go back in time and ruin your experience as a child. The only way it can ruin your childhood is if you’re still in your childhood.

There are three steps to do in order to achieve full preparation into healing: 1) Accept the movie is coming and you can’t stop it 2) Good things have been made or have returned because of this movie 3)This series is in no way connected to the old franchise and is considered to be in an alternative universe.


That last one is important “considered to be in an alternative universe”. It’s not that far fetched that there’s an alternative reality where different people ended up being Ghostbusters. You can simply dismiss them and be happy  that you in an alternative dimension can be a Ghostbuster.

There you have it folks, 5 things you can do to get over the reboot. Please like and share my articles as it helps me out greatly!



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